Update Day Change!

Posted 2014-04-07 6:00

Starting on Tuesday, April 8, Olympus will update on Tuesdays and Thursdays only! 

Symbols in the page numbers!

Posted 2013-03-07 7:00

 Hey guys! This is Oskar, just making a quick post to explain these 2 symbols that will appear next to the page numbers, and what they mean!

 =  When the skull and crossbones appear, this means the page contains fast blinking images or colors, which might trigger photosensitive people! so beware if you see that one coming!

♫ = When that music note is next to the page number, it means the update contains music!


That's it for now, I'll be adding more symbols as I see fit as the comic goes on! Thank you all for all your support!

Olympus Overdrive goes live!

Posted 2013-01-27 7:00

Hello everyone! 

This is writer/artist Oskar! I'm very excited to finally present the Olympus Overdrive project, and am hoping you will all grow to love it as much as I do. 

Olympus Overdrive is a story about personal growth, and learning how to get along with people. It's set in a current time, and deals with humans, deities and other mythical creatures and tales. The story in itself, borrows from Greek mythology, and places it in a current time frame, creating the perfect formula for chaos, humor, action, and a bunch of other exciting things.

This story is not only written by me, but also co-written by Hiveworks CEO Antares, and close friends who have over time, contributed their valuable ideas to make of Olympus Overdrive what it is.

The comic in itself will be delivered to you in different media, such as classic comic format, interactive flash, animations and IM format!

I really hope you will all enjoy it and have fun with it! I look forward to seeing all your reactions!