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Update Day Change!

Posted 2014-04-07 6:00

Starting on Tuesday, April 8, Olympus will update on Tuesdays and Thursdays only! 

Symbols in the page numbers!

Posted 2013-03-07 7:00

 Hey guys! This is Oskar, just making a quick post to explain these 2 symbols that will appear next to the page numbers, and what they mean!

 =  When the skull and crossbones appear, this means the page contains fast blinking images or colors, which might trigger photosensitive people! so beware if you see that one coming!

♫ = When that music note is next to the page number, it means the update contains music!


That's it for now, I'll be adding more symbols as I see fit as the comic goes on! Thank you all for all your support!

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